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Friday, December 31, 2010

Robot Ankle Test

Many robot enthusiasts discuss whether to double up the ankle servos. Afterall it is the lowest part of the robot body and experience most weight. However I believe the hip servos naturally keep the legs from spreading and so should not require the ankles to do all these works. Afterall human ankles are very skinny and have little muscle.

In the below video experiment I unscrew the servos to allow the hings move freely. To prevent the robot from falling sideway the amount of movment is limited by lowering battery down so the ankle cannot rotate up. As you can see the basic movements i.e. front/back walking, side shifting and turning is uneffected. It is wobbly because there is only one screw holding the foot to the leg. I think I can still manage it to kick football this way but of course prolong single leg stand is not possible.

What this mean is no you don't need to put strong and expensive servos there. In fact for my Knight Templar II, I will remove the ankles entirely because it is currently too top heavy and I need a stronger arm servos. So this can make the robot lighter, with lower CG and allow it to have stronger arms.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas robot event day 2

Day two is at another bigger mall in Hong Kong. There aren't any games as such like day one. Robots are dancing and the Japanese robots cheer up the kids with very creative dancing and with eyes popping performance. The kids are all running around happily and screaming as they get their Christmas gifts from the robots. I must say the Japanese dudes are very creative in keeping robots entertaining as well as giving them a distinctive personally.

This is a picture of the Japanese dude preparing a rocket which will be launch by his robot to deliver a wonder gift to a lucky kid in the crowd.

The man in the picture is keeping the eager kids at bay as they wait for the rocket launch.

Here are robots from local school kids dancing.

My robot dancing before it's arm came off as it doing hand stand!

Here are some of the robots present on that day before the dances. The purple one is a Chinese made robot.

Here is a group photos with the Japanese dudes who are also the builder of the RoboOne champion "The Monster"

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Robot event in Hong Kong

Just came back from a robot event in Hong Kong. The brilliant robo one champion "The Monster" is here. The servos are super strong. It is able to push a basket weighting over 5kg. I put up that video later.

Here is a photo of some students participants.

Here is a photo of me winning some prize. First and second.

Here are my robots.

Here is Jeffrey's latest robot "The TimeMachine"

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas MMA Robots

The lads are dressed up ready to having some fun. Check out the video below !

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Knight Templar Xmas 2010 Preparation

The Knight Templar brothers are in the same video for the first time. The 'I' does not have any arms because I am waiting for AX18. It is walking very fast and stable in compare to the 'II' because the 'II' is top heavy and overall much heavier. The 'I' 's gait is very much better also. If i speed up the servos in the 'II' the foot will just be sliding and robot become unstable.

I have several choices to improve on the top heavy long leg Knight Templar II.

1. Lower the legs and the CG. The problem is the knee gets very hot.
2. Put a smaller battery but I have many big battery from my TREX450. And the Knight Templar II is very power hungry.
3. Remove the extra elbow servos but I really want it to do MMA.
4. Lower the foot servos. But the feet is not design for that.

So now I just wait and get by with a not so super fast robot but ok to do normal stuff.

Here in this video, I am featuring the improve robotask program which nicely fit all the motions into the control.