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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Robot Without Ankle Servos

Last week I reconstructed Knight Templar II without the ankle servos and made a simple demonstration with it walking though not very smooth. Today I spend a couple of hours and achieve this. I start off with the swinging. I think I wouldn't have figure it out have I not done the swinging and gone from there.

The walking is ok but it requires a great deal of improvement because it can walk safely on different type of surface and ready for the next competition.

I hope you find this video help in helping you make your robot walk. If you like this video please click the thumb up 'like' bottom.

Thank you.



  1. Hi Uncle bot

    I am rading your blog with great interest. I am wondering whether you can tell me where i can buy a Bioloid premium kit in Hong Kong? Do you have a good address you share with me? Best regard Fabrice

  2. Are you from HK ? If not why not buy online ?