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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Knight Templar II Karate

This is a short clip with trail made using iMovie 11. In this clip I am exploring jump and turn which does not seem very effective. There are also some Karate moves. This robot is design having martial art in mind. Hopefully I can make some really good KungFu stuff later. The walking gait is 100% self made. I can improve the speed and stability.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Knight Templar II robot is born (video)

Knight Templar II showcases his speed, power and Tak Kwan Do skill...

Knight Templar II is born

Knight Templar II is design to have 18DOF. Except for the arms which are made of AX12 all the servos are Robotis RX24F. The RX24F is twice the speed of RX26 and is way faster than the AX18. The servo is powerful enough to make the robot jump. This robot is an art...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Customising the gait RX24F

I am recreating some basic gaits i.e. side shift, turn. With the RX24F because the servos are very strong and fast the gait is easy to make. Before the weak servos would make the robot wobble during a gait and loses kinetic energy as a result the robot won't turn or won't shift that much. With speed and power available now I have some much more option. Notice also the robot now turn in a much nicer circle and have perfect balance. This is not the case with the Bioloid Premium.

RX24F Jump Test

Without further due I am testing the power of the RX24F early with the jumps. I must say the robot feels extremely light. All it needs now is the arm and a head. I tried to port some existing gait across but find out the alignment is totally different so looks like I need to start from scratch which shouldn't be too difficult consider I just created the jump gait in less than couple minutes where as with the Bioloid Premium it took me an hour and still not so good.

24 hrs into construction of RX24 robot

The torso and legs are ready. The hardest part is to screw the brackets to the servos with a wrong size allen key and a sniper. The controller board seems to fit well. The chest servos need some work to fix it to the chest plate. The leg servos seem like a perfect shape for cover up with some custom made paint PVC.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Built the right leg

+3 hours:
Test the servos and cm700. 
Set servo id, temperate & voltage & angle limit.
Put the right leg together and test it on roboplus motion.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bioloid Sprint Test

The distance of my track is 60cm x 7 (60cm is the length of a tile in my house). The IRC track seems to have 5 constructions each 1m hence 5.0m. My robot travels 4.2m in 14s.

The bots in the race is the new version of Tinywave using AX18F and the Bioloid GP also with the latest speed servo.
Notice the robots in IRC have quicker but smaller steps. They do tend to lose balance when coming to a halt. I spent a long time fixing this problem with my gait. Bioloid GP seems cannot walk that straight. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hong Kong Typhoon

Bioloid Premium Type-K doing the "Hong Kong Typhoon". In the IRC2010, it is allowed to have one hand touching the ground so this is a legit attack. This action can be optimize by making the initial knee down quicker. Just need to speed up everything.

I had this idea for about half a year. Finally put it together. The idea I have should be three times quicker. Just like a killer spider.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

RX24 Robot AutoDesk 3D

It is not long ago I watch youtube video of robot 3D design with amaze.
Eventhough it is drawn into Autodesk Inventor 2011 by Andrew from Trossen Robotics this is still my design rotating in 3D. Autodesk Inventor will take me a long time to learn but I am starting to like it.

This is not the final design. The arm will look very different. The foot is very high. I might adopt the Freedom Jr III design. The thrust bearing should make it ok.

I can't wait to contruct this in real life.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

UncleBob Explains Bioloid Type-K

This is the Bioloid Type K - K for Kondo as I build it base on the image of the Kondo KHR3.

I have painted the robot and decorate it with carbon sticker. The foot is now stuck on by vecro so it be easy to replace.

I be upgrading this robot with some AX18f.

Detail sketch of the elbow design.

The arm consists of 3 x AX12 servos.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

PR2 Robot Plays Pool

The WillowGarage guys are good. The Tectile sensors and now the pool playing robot. Other robots take like a minute or two just to locate a ball and to grab. This is very good !!


King Kizer improves so much since the first youtube video back in 2005. It has perfect balance. Most robots wobble when turn or jump but King Kizer head barely moves. Other big robots I have seen usually cannot walk properly let alone jump. Bravo !!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

RX24 Robot Arm Design

How about this for the arm? Idea based on the below YouTube video.

Initial Idea

Second Idea

Ok now I remember where the idea come from

村田製作所:エネルギーメーター Energy Meter CEATEC JAPAN2010映像

Energy Meter CEATEC JAPAN2010. This is one piece of state of the art technology. Light years ahead of what I am doing with my Bioloid. This makes us wonder when Japan's robot will hit the mass market.

Monday, October 4, 2010

ROPID Jumping Robot

ROPID has 30 DOFs, voice recognition and yet servos are powerful enough to jump. It is trully amazing. Design by Tomotak Takhashi.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Awesome Bioloid Makeover

Need an idea to customize your Bioloid Premium but the colours don't seem right. An afternoon at a car accessory shop for some carbon sticker and some high quality model spray paint sure can brighten up your Bioloid with a personality.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

RX 24 Robot Project

I have been thinking about building my own robot for many months. The idea is to build a stronger robot using RX type servos. I am not into vision and camera but a nice robot like the Melissa. I like a fancy robot like the Kondo Khr3 and do creative things with it and not only fighting. Havimo maybe later.

I thought about cutting my brackets and how to get the best deal to do this. I bought some tools to cut and bend aluminium. I cut a piece for the robot arm and I find that having to do this for 30 times is not an easy task.

Occasionally I draft my idea onto my iPad. Few days ago I finally put something together on Paint then send it to my friend Andrew Alter. And guess what he turn it into a 3D design for me very quickly. The result below is amazing!!

We discussed on gtalk over several days and came up with using RX24 for legs and shoulder only and AX12 for the arms. It will use a CM700 since the CM500 won't be able to talk to the RX24.

The height of this is 36cm similar to my Bioloid Type K except that it is twice as strong.

I be using off the shelf brackets from Troussen Website. Plus 12x RX24, 6x RX12, CM700. We calculate the cost is around 2K to 2.5K USD. A KHR3 would cost $1500 excluding remote control etc. So it is more expensive but this is twice as strong.

With the strong legs it can really do good Kung Fu moves. If the legs aren't strong enough then it will wobble and make it hard to balance a kick and fall down. I wonder it can jump pls let me know if you have put rx24 to a robot and if it can jump.

I am happy with using Robotis control board CM700 and not other more power board is because it is proven compatible with Bioloid Servos, plus I am already very familar with RoboPlus.

So I am just waiting for the finalise design then off they be ship to me and to my surprise the shipping cost is not an arm and a leg to HK. Then all I need to do is just screw the servos and brackets together wire them up then off we go.

Boiloid Type-K Working On Mobility

This is the Bioloid Type K - K for Kondo as I build it base on the image of the Kondo KHR3.

I take the walk gait from Bioloid Type A and modify it for the type K. I have made adjustment to the frame to improve the speed of the walking by adjusting the speed of the frames and also to make the steps longer.

Due to the weak servos the robot is not very steady. It backslash a lot.

Next is to work on the turning again.