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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Robot Walking No Ankle Servos Robotis RX24

In this video, I have Knight Templar 2 angle servos remove. This lowers the robot center of gravity making it more stable. I put the RX24 to the shoulders to give it more powerful arm strikes. The middle servos from the arm is remove to reduce the weight.

This is as much a challenge as it is a test to see if a robot can walk without ankle servos. We know from previous experiment that we can live with loose ankle servos but how about having no ankle servos and still joints.

This video is my first attempt to customize the forward walking gait. There is still long way to go. I must say it makes it harder but not impossible. I believe a good timing would also make a good walking.

BTW side walking and turning is absolutely no problems. For fighting competition that's all that is needed so can be a good combination.

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