I am UncleBob and this is my blog. It covers the latest humanoid robot development worldwide. I will also post my robotic projects and competitions. You can also find my tutorials on how to program the Bioloid Humanoid robot and create your own custom gait.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Bioloid Premium TYPE C Codes

For the Hong Kong MakerFaire I developed a general program for the Bioloid Premim TYPE C. The code consists of both the Motion File and Task Code.

This aim of this program is for the Bioloid to interact with the guest at the MakerFaire. I haven't compiled the videos I took from the MakeFaire yet as the file sizes are bigger than my MacBook disc space. However many kids love the Bioloid and so did many grown up. Kids all kept waving and touching the Bioloid to make him do something, throwing ball at him to catch it.

Ready To Upgrade Knight Templar 2

After the Hong Kong Mini Makerfaire, I have some new ideas for the Knight Templar 2.

The Knight Templar 2 needs improvement in these areas :

1. Upgrade arm servos to RX24 from AX-12
2. Add RX24 servos for the ankles. (Eventhough it can walk without these ankle servos, they allow it to do Kung Fu kicks etc).
3. Use 3D printers to make custom body parts.

What I find about Knight Templar 2 is that eventhough it is much more powerful. I tend to use Knight Templar I more because it can do more humanly things while Knight Templar 2 can only fight.

With the upgrade Knight Templar 2 should be able to do much more, much faster.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Starting Unclebob Robotics & Technology

I am building a small biped smartphone control robot. The unclebot blog here would remain my personal blog on robotics. At www.unclebobtech.com we will be covering the progress and design of this new robot which would be made commercial in March 2012. The price of this new robot would be around $150-$100.

You can also subscribe the youtube channel : http://www.youtube.com/unclebobtech

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Knight Templar II Arm Built

The plastic arm broke last month. Today I finally put the design into practice. Looking good.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Robot Without Ankle Servos

Last week I reconstructed Knight Templar II without the ankle servos and made a simple demonstration with it walking though not very smooth. Today I spend a couple of hours and achieve this. I start off with the swinging. I think I wouldn't have figure it out have I not done the swinging and gone from there.

The walking is ok but it requires a great deal of improvement because it can walk safely on different type of surface and ready for the next competition.

I hope you find this video help in helping you make your robot walk. If you like this video please click the thumb up 'like' bottom.

Thank you.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Robot Walking No Ankle Servos Robotis RX24

In this video, I have Knight Templar 2 angle servos remove. This lowers the robot center of gravity making it more stable. I put the RX24 to the shoulders to give it more powerful arm strikes. The middle servos from the arm is remove to reduce the weight.

This is as much a challenge as it is a test to see if a robot can walk without ankle servos. We know from previous experiment that we can live with loose ankle servos but how about having no ankle servos and still joints.

This video is my first attempt to customize the forward walking gait. There is still long way to go. I must say it makes it harder but not impossible. I believe a good timing would also make a good walking.

BTW side walking and turning is absolutely no problems. For fighting competition that's all that is needed so can be a good combination.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Robot Ankle Test

Many robot enthusiasts discuss whether to double up the ankle servos. Afterall it is the lowest part of the robot body and experience most weight. However I believe the hip servos naturally keep the legs from spreading and so should not require the ankles to do all these works. Afterall human ankles are very skinny and have little muscle.

In the below video experiment I unscrew the servos to allow the hings move freely. To prevent the robot from falling sideway the amount of movment is limited by lowering battery down so the ankle cannot rotate up. As you can see the basic movements i.e. front/back walking, side shifting and turning is uneffected. It is wobbly because there is only one screw holding the foot to the leg. I think I can still manage it to kick football this way but of course prolong single leg stand is not possible.

What this mean is no you don't need to put strong and expensive servos there. In fact for my Knight Templar II, I will remove the ankles entirely because it is currently too top heavy and I need a stronger arm servos. So this can make the robot lighter, with lower CG and allow it to have stronger arms.