I am UncleBob and this is my blog. It covers the latest humanoid robot development worldwide. I will also post my robotic projects and competitions. You can also find my tutorials on how to program the Bioloid Humanoid robot and create your own custom gait.

Robot Walking Gait Tutorial

This is my modify version of the Bioloid. I call it type L2. It is a very tall and large robot. I am testing out new ideas at this stage. Right now I want to improve the walking speed of the robot. Just look in Mix Martial art. Speed, Power and technique are the components one work on in a combat. Since I cannot improve the power I will try to improve the speed by better technique.


  1. Uncle Bob,

    That looks like a great video! I haven't built my bot yet but you did a great job explaining what you did! I hope to look at what your doing as I build more of my bot!


  2. I love to help you when you do your programming. Please keep me in touch.

  3. Cool, came to your weblog while searching for robot climbing gait and you did explain things kind of easy ... liked your video.



  4. just linked this article on my facebook account. it’s a very interesting article for all.

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