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Monday, August 27, 2012

Ready To Upgrade Knight Templar 2

After the Hong Kong Mini Makerfaire, I have some new ideas for the Knight Templar 2.

The Knight Templar 2 needs improvement in these areas :

1. Upgrade arm servos to RX24 from AX-12
2. Add RX24 servos for the ankles. (Eventhough it can walk without these ankle servos, they allow it to do Kung Fu kicks etc).
3. Use 3D printers to make custom body parts.

What I find about Knight Templar 2 is that eventhough it is much more powerful. I tend to use Knight Templar I more because it can do more humanly things while Knight Templar 2 can only fight.

With the upgrade Knight Templar 2 should be able to do much more, much faster.

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