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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Knight Templar Xmas 2010 Preparation

The Knight Templar brothers are in the same video for the first time. The 'I' does not have any arms because I am waiting for AX18. It is walking very fast and stable in compare to the 'II' because the 'II' is top heavy and overall much heavier. The 'I' 's gait is very much better also. If i speed up the servos in the 'II' the foot will just be sliding and robot become unstable.

I have several choices to improve on the top heavy long leg Knight Templar II.

1. Lower the legs and the CG. The problem is the knee gets very hot.
2. Put a smaller battery but I have many big battery from my TREX450. And the Knight Templar II is very power hungry.
3. Remove the extra elbow servos but I really want it to do MMA.
4. Lower the foot servos. But the feet is not design for that.

So now I just wait and get by with a not so super fast robot but ok to do normal stuff.

Here in this video, I am featuring the improve robotask program which nicely fit all the motions into the control.

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