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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Knight Templar II Explain

Here is the list of parts you can order from the shop if you want to build something similiar.

FRS-B-RX24F - Dyanmixel RX-24F Robot Actuator x 12 
M-300-B-FR07-H101K - RX-24F/M-300-B-FR07-H101K Hing Frame Set x 10 
M-300-B-FR07-S101K - RX-24F/M-300-B-FR07-S101K Side Frame Set x 12 
CM-700 - CM-700 Robotis Servo Controller x 1 
LN-101 - LN-101 USB Downloader x 1 
AX12+ Servos x 6 
Zig Bee remote and receiverSome plastics brackets for the arm 
Custom made feet, and body plate. (You can find information on this from the other post in this blog.)

Then basically you just spend like 30hours screw the whole thing together.

P.S. The right knee servo is having noise as you notice from the video. This servo is the most heavily use since it start walking with the right step. I will take apart the servo and hopefully put some lubricant to see if it solve it. It is nolonger loose anymore. I hope nothing permanent is done to it. If it is then I will swap with it with the left arm servo

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